UPDATED 10/24/2020

Greetings to Our Sharon Family,

We pray that you and your loved ones are remaining healthy and safe, as the nation continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The year has been filled with numerous challenges and adversities that most people never experienced.  During the past seven months, we have been unable to worship collectively in our sanctuary and people are feeling the impact of the separation.


The City of Philadelphia, which is in a modified green phase, recently adjusted their guidelines for indoor gatherings. The city increased the maximum limit from 25 to 250 people. This is great news, and the change moves us a step closer to resuming in-person worship services in a limited capacity.  However, it is just one of the many factors the church is considering before rendering a decision.

We remain committed to doing our part to minimize the transmission of the virus and protecting those populations in our church and community, who are most vulnerable to the virus.  Also, with the onset of flu season, the CDC warns that the second wave may be worse than the first. Upon review of the information, the leadership team has elected to gradually increase the number of people permitted for in-person worship services.

In days to come, we will share our strategy to incrementally increase the amount of people allowed to participate in our in-person worship services.  We will also convey the details and initiatives that will be implemented to ensure the safety, health, and wellness of everyone. Again, we will be following the guidance of the public health organizations and adhering to state and local government mandates.  We are also receiving significant input from our very own, Dr. Deborah Witt, MD, a Family Medicine Physician affiliated with Jefferson Hospital of Philadelphia, and a member of our Health and Wellness Ministry.  Despite that, the reality is that each of us will need to gauge our own comfort level and set our own timeline for returning to in-person worship services.  Please know that whatever timeline feels suitable for you and your families, your church is dedicated to supporting you. So therefore, worship services will continue to be livestreamed across our various platforms. We will also continue to add ministry activities and functions to our virtual platforms.


We thank God for His grace and mercy throughout the pandemic and pray that He will continue to be a hedge around you and your families.  We pray for those who have lost loved ones due to the deadly virus.  We also pray for our front-line and essential workers who continue to put themselves in harm’s way, to provide support and aid to us.  We also thank you for your unwavering financial support as we continue to share the love of Christ and execute our mission.  


We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Until then, be blessed be safe and please vote!


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For more information about the coronavirus, visit the following websites:


In His Service,

Bishop K.W. Reed, Sr.

Senior Pastor/Teacher


Pastor Reggie Johnson

Executive Pastor

The SBC leadership team is also looking at the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in our region and nation.